02-2462-2192 #1228~1229


International Ocean Camp

In response to the government’s new South-South policy blueprint, we responded to the government’s strategic goal of “promoting the eight-year plan for global Chinese language education”, actively promoted educational output, created the advantages of Chinese language education, and combined the strength of Southeast Asian diasporas to equip the school with Chinese characteristics of marine teaching. As a major appeal, the “Chinese Language and Ocean Science Training Workshop in Vietnam” was opened in early January, 107. The participating schools are 5 universities, including Nha Trang University, Ho Chi Minh University of Transportation, Ho Chi Minh Agriculture and Forestry University, Vietnam Maritime University and Kent University. 33 people. This activity encourages students to learn Chinese language teaching expertise and teaching skills, and allows students to come to Taiwan to learn the latest information on marine culture and science. At the same time, it will also establish a network of trainees and gradually develop into a platform for ASEAN regional marine culture and science exchange. It also allows Taiwanese scholars to understand the current state of marine science development and research in various countries in the region and the need for collaborative research.