02-2462-2192 #1228~1229


Seminar on Aquaculture


As an international fishery and marine workshop held in mid-October 2017, the participating schools are Nha Trang University, Kent University, Hue Agriculture and Forestry University, Vietnam First Aquaculture Research Institute and Vietnam Second Aquaculture Research Institute. A total of 4 universities, teachers and students are mostly teachers and students of breeding professions. With such an opportunity to hold the Taiyu Aquaculture Forum, not only will they increase exchanges with each other, but also for the sustainable development of the future marine ecology and environmental protection. In addition to the Vietnamese teachers and students, the Taiwanese part, in addition to the students and teachers of the relevant departments of the National Taiwan Ocean University, also participated in the relevant academic staff of the National Ocean Science and Technology Museum, and discussed the topic of follow-up cross-border cooperation.

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